3 Easy Steps To Design A Tattoo

 Just need 3 easy steps to design a tattoo that fits your all needs. Are you read to discover it now?

Are you looking for how to design a tattoo? Oh, tattoos are known as the great form of art. Before you want to get a tattoo, let’s jump in your head first about something to consider the needle touches your own skin. Yes, selecting a tattoo that is a very important decision because it may involve in lots of your memories or any special things. Remember that the tattoo will be your body for the rest your own life, therefore make sure that you choose the best one is made. In case, you do not know how to design a tattoo, there are 3 useful steps to help you implement your favorite tattoo. Now, keep read on!

1. Where To Get Tattoo?

First of all, you should think about the place you will get your favorite tattoos. Yes, tattoos have a lot of special meanings and tattoo enthusiast all knows about it. In order to design a tattoo, should think about what form of tattoo you wish to get inked in your body. Let’s search for some websites about tattoos to get your ideal. Print My Tattoo is a great website of tattoos source that will provide you with several unique tattoos that you may have never seen before.

In addition, think about something such as memorable things in your life or special events happened in your life? And then you should select memorable designs consisting of crosses, names, dragons, angles and flowers. Let’s bear in your mind that you choose a tattoo because you love it and not because you are forced to get it. Right?

2. Testing Your Tattoos

Ok, everything all needs to be tested even machines. As a result, to see whether it fits you or not, test it first by using makers and some temporary inks. Besides, before you commit you should get inked with the tattoo design you select, and it is very important that you should be awe of how it will appear with an actual design. Also, you can get a tattoo in various sizes and see what size that you skin is compatible with.

3. The Last Step

After you have passed the process of choosing and testing a tattoo, it is the time for you to have the actual design. Of course, the last step is to find an excellent artist, who will draw the tattoo design on your skin. However, you should bear in your mind that tattoos are lifetime commitment and when you get it in your skin, it will take much time to clear. To avoid this problem, make sure that you love your design.

You have seen some useful steps before you design a tattoo. In fact, designing a tattoo does not cost much money when you get the suitable and favorite one. So, which the best place to get unique and creative tattoos? I strongly advise you to visit the Print My Tattoo official site now where provide you a lot of cool tattoos that you have never seen in others.

How to choose a tattoo design

You know what you want is a tattoo, but still vague about how to choose a tattoo design? This is a sort of checklist for you on how you’ll do it.

Tattoo is a long time process, requiring individuals to be patient and 100% confident on their decisions for what they are doing because this process cannot be reversed. Before getting a tattoo, you should think over how to choose your favorite tattoo design, how to choose the right tattoo artist and other factors deciding your tattoo shape through time. The process contains unknown elements which are only determined when your tattoo is already done. If you are already convinced of getting a tattoo because it is cool, you want to express your individuality, you just want to piss off someone… whatever the reasons are, what you are wondering now is how to choose a tattoo design? Okay, these are the tips on it.

How to choose a tattoo designThe way to choose the appropriate tattoo

The denotation of a tattoo should be meaningful for each individual above all, tattoos is a method to show off ourselves. Keep in mind what you do for work and the type of social circles you are in. You should think about this when you pick out a tattoo. To find ideas for your tattoo design, you should draft your rudiments exactly what you want or go into a Website which possesses tattoo catalogue to give you inspiration. “Tattoo me now” website can provide you an excellent suggestion. So how to choose a tattoo design? You can comfortably choose suitable tattoos and artistic samples as well in order to motivate your own design.

Placing tattoo in your body

The following step of the process is to think twice where to place tattoos in your body. To the first tattoo, a good idea to consider is where it can be easily covered up with normal clothing.

The size of tattoo will be one of the most important factors because it needs to be proportional to the body area placing it. Another issue should be considered is that almost artists would refuse to tattoo on hands, the feet, face because ink can be inserted into someone’s skin.

How much is reasonable for a tattoo?

The answer is “How beautiful is your tattoo?” Considering sacrificing quality for the sake of your budget is ineffective. It is vital part of the process and it can finish with a nightmare tattoo. When you step into the tattoo shop asking the artist” I have got $200, what can you do for me?” It’s truly not a smart question. After deciding design sample and printing it on paper, you should meet tattoo artists and get consulting idea carefully with them. They will assist you in desig, color, lively factor for your sample. After discussing with you, artist would offer an estimate cost- you had better accept it despite expensive price then save your money to pay the fee. A tattoo spending you thousands of dollars so as to own the most beautiful tattoo and it’s worth every penny.

Aftercare tattoo

These are the last steps of the process and may be the most important steps. Each artist has different methods asking you to keep your tattoo clear while he skins over for a perfect tattoo. Tying bandage around tattoo within 3 to 5 hours and moisturizing the tattoo as well. Do not impact on the injury because it can damage the tattoo, keep patient and let the injury heal itself. Swimming or steam bathing is forbidden since this would hamper the healing process and can cause infection.

Tattoos Lettering

How to find your unique and beautiful tattoos lettering? Read this article and I will show you in details.

Tattoos lettering is considered as an extremely important of any tattoo design. Fortunately there are a lot of literally thousands of font styles for people to choose from. Whether you are having words alone or a design with wording, selecting the right style of lettering is also very important. Here are some helpful ideas and tips to get you started:

  • Look at a lot of different fonts before determining which one you wish to create your own tattoo. If do not, you can see something you like better after you have already gotten it done and then it will be too late.
  • In case you are getting the design with words, make sure arrange the wording and design in different ways and experiment with many lettering styles to see which one is the best.
  • In case you are only going with words, try out adding a floral vines and design into the wording to make it more unique.
  • Adding some pizzaz to your own lettering by make the fist letter of each letter of the word in various colors or each word a different color.

Ø  To add lots of mystery to your own design, make them a mirror image or spell the words backwards.

You know there are 2 versions of the English alphabet and the Latin alphabet that are used at the same time. The first one is the uppercase or capitalized lettering that is referred to majuscule. The second names the lower case lettering that is referred to as minuscule. The sounds are the same while the shapes are quite different. As the alphabet for the lettering for people features 2 forms, it will be referred to as bicameral.

However, as you are thinking about selecting this design, it is important to consider about alphabet you would like to use and the meaning behind them. For Japanese Kanji and Chinese, a single symbol can be all that you wish for your own tattoos lettering. If there is a phrase that has been specially meaningful in your life, an experience that left you remembering a loved one that is lost now, a few important titles, your spouse or children or memorable others, tattoo lettering is a great way to display this permanently. Additionally, when you have determined on the wording, the next important element to consider is the font. In addition, the artwork of a tattoo is the ability to help convey your personalized thoughts, not only through words, but through appearance. This means that the shape, size, style, colors font used, and where on your body you wish the tattoo.

If you wish to experience with a variety of beautiful and unique tattoo, I would like to invite you visit the website Tattoo Me Now and you will be truly surprised with thousands tattoos lettering out there. For those that wish to discover more information about this e-book, let’s read the honest Tattoo Me Now review here.

Becoming a Successful Tattoo Artist

Due to success and popularity of tattoos around the world, many people are now keen on becoming tattoo artists. A good artist can earn a handsome income drawing tattoos for his/her customers. Since there is a huge demand for tattoo artists in the market, it is indeed one of the best professions to start. However, you need to have natural talent in good drawing and coloring. You should have good knowledge on designs, graphics and colors too. So if you are someone who can just look at a picture and draw it here on paper, you are more likely to grow as a successful tattoo artist.

The next step would be to learn how to become a tattoo artist. The easiest way to give it a start is by getting into an apprenticeship. Just find a tattoo studio that allows you to work as an apprentice. Some are free while others might cost you hundreds or even thousands of dollars depending on the reputation of the artist and/or studio. When you get there, you can learn every steps and techniques by watching the artist. Learn about different types of tools used in making tattoos and how to use them as well.

There is no formal education or any certification to become a tattoo artist. But there are many books on how to become a tattoo artist; black grey wash tattoos is one of the popular books that gives your step-by-step instructions that can help you start a career as a tattoo artist. There are many tips, lessons and trade secrets that you can learn from such books. It is very important that you learn every single step carefully enough to ensure you have understood it completely and have no doubts. Because, as you start you career, even a tiniest mistake can ruin your dreams of becoming a professional artist.

Books like black grey wash tattoos alone are not sufficient, they just lead you to the path but you are the one who must walk on it Which means, you would need plenty of hands on experience before starting as a independent artist. So learn the basics of tattooing first and then look out to work as an apprentice in a tattoo studio or under an expert artist. Most professional artists have their own tattoos and many have grown popular in this business. So look for reputed artists to work for so you can learn more from them.

Becoming a tattoo artist is definitely not as easy as it may sound. A lot of time and efforts are needed to be dedicated towards it It is a combination of learning and practice. You need to practice by drawing various designs on paper and fill the colors appropriately to ensure it looks attractive. You need to have a good understanding of the designs you draw and it should make clear sense. You cannot just draw random designs as tattoo designs should be meaningful since they are going to be on the skin of your customer forever.

As a tattoo artist, it is your duty to explain your customers what each designs mean. So you must first learn about various designs, what they mean, how to create new designs and on what basis, etc. You should know about different types of tools, needles, ink, etc and the best and right way of using them. As an artist your job is not just to write tattoos but you must know how a person should take care of tattoo after application. There are certain creams and lotions to heal the wounds that occur during writing tattoo on skin. So you must learn about them in order to advise your customers on skin care after tattoo work.

Once you know how to become a tattoo artist, do not just rush to start as independent artist. Work for a studio for a while and earn the reputation of good work. What best than a professional artist to judge your work. After getting good amount of experience and appreciations from your senior, you can start as an independent tattoo artist. But in order to grow successful you need to constantly update yourself with knowledge on designs and new methods in tattoo application.

Tattoo Me Now – An unbiased review

Tattoo me now offers you a new way to choose your tattoo design, the site being a forum for ink lovers all over the globe. By becoming a member of the site you can browse thousands of designs for your next tattoo and simply download and print your favorite to take to your preferred artist. The site has a huge and ever-growing number of designs to choose from, catering for both men and women and both traditional as well as modern designs.

tattoo me now review

How it works

Tattoo me now is not just a place to choose your next design though; it is so much more. You can upload your own images and enter the forum where you can chat to others who are crazy about being inked. Getting a tattoo should never be a rush decision; and at tattoo me now you can rest assured that you will get only the very best design from the best artists worldwide.

In order to access designs or chat on the site forum, you must be a member. Membership will allow you to download and print an unlimited number of designs from the database, allowing you to choose your design on paper in front of you too and take a few along to your preferred artist where you can make your final decision. For first tattoos or consecutive inking, tattoo me now is the best place to search for your design.

Pros of tattoo me now

l The site offers far more than just some designs for your next tattoo who love tattoos so much they travel the world to catch a glimpse of the very latest designs

l By becoming a member you can comment on and upload your own designs, sharing your knowledge and thoughts with other members, old and new

l 38 different categories within the members gallery makes for easy browsing and you can save time by only searching the categories that are of specific interest to you

l Join discussions or post queries on your latest thoughts and designs, exchanging tips with other ink mad individuals. By joining in discussions you can get an insight in what it is like to not just have tattoos, but how to design them too

l Great site for getting inspiration for tattoo designs for both men and women, there being thousands to choose from and the number increasing every day. By being able to upload and share your designs, there are new designs on the site every day to choose from, so if at first you don’t find what you are looking for, you can keep coming back to the site or alternatively chat with forum members about the design you have in mind.

l Video section where you can upload or watch videos submitted by others as well as leaving your own comments. Videos can show you how to choose a design, or even how to make designs for your next inking.

Cons of tattoo me now

l Some categories such as tattoo news and events may be of little interest. This may be of little problem to you as you can simply skip over items and categories that are of no interest to you

l Not all the videos clips may be fully working at all times

l If you are experienced with tattoos and inking, you may find some of the information over simplified or basic. The site is for tattoo lovers, old and new and if you already have a large collection of designs or are an experienced artist then you may find little information that is of use to you.

I became a member of tattoo me now and can highly recommend it to ink lovers all over the world. Most especially for me as a beginner in the tattoo world, I found all sections informative and interesting, giving me a real insight into the world of tattoos.

In conclusion, whether you have no tattoos or already have one hundred, the site is a great way not just to find new designs, but to spread and share your knowledge with tattoo lovers all over the globe. I would strongly recommend tattoo me now to anyone who is looking for a new design; a site that brings tattoo lovers together from all over the world.

tattoo me now